My name is Brad Larino, and Keep It Consistent Stupid is my blog to document what I have learned in my senior year at the University of Tampa about marketing, specifically integrated marketing communications. I have passion for branding, and enjoy analyzing the strategic actions taken by corporations. In a world where the barriers of entry are at an all time low, differentiation can only be achieved by affective branding and a consistent marketing strategy. Brands are strengthened by strategically utilizing promotional tools in integrated marketing communication plans to achieve objectives of a marketing campaign. By staying consistent, the promotional tools reinforce the message that the customer perceives about the company. You, as a result, have a dog in the fight.

My passions are the source of my inspiration; therefore, to fully understand my perceptive you must understand my passions. Along with branding, my passions include traveling, volunteering, and culture. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to pursue all three of these passions in an student run organization at the University of Tampa, I am highly involved with called Alternative Breaks. Alternative Breaks has taken me across the world and the country, and has allowed me to experience some of the most exclusive cultures in the world. Alternative Breaks has instilled in me the value of community and I now make decisions with others in the forefront of my mind.


This is one of my favorite pictures from a recent trip to Ecuador where I lived amongst an indigenous Amazonian tribe focusing on the issue of cultural preservation.

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