Guerilla Marketing using Geocaching

Although geocaching has been around for quite sometime, but businesses rarely utilize it as a promotion tool. This easy to accomplish and economically friendly marketing method can be an effective way to reach and interact with your target audience.

Geocaching is essentially a real world treasure hunt game that uses GPS enabled devices to find the “caches.” Companies have been hiding trackable key chains or travel bugs and using campaigns much like the one in the video to engage with their audience. Contests like “Jeep-in” provoke user generated content and buzz about the company.

“Jeep-in” was a very successful campaign; however, can other companies not associated with the outdoors utilize this tool? Although I have not seen proof I think so. Like all media it must be placed correctly, but it does not have to represent exactly what your brand represents? No, not necessarily. Take for example an ice cream shop that happens to be located a few blocks from a “cache.” This business can utilize that cache to put promotional materials, suggesting ice cream or even a trackable with a discount associated with it. This interaction with the customer will be more personable and ice cream is the perfect complement to geocaching all day.

Just like any form of media, your business must strategically place its promotional materials to accomplish its specific goals. If you market is not young active families or teens, that promotional material may be better placed elsewhere.

One thought on “Guerilla Marketing using Geocaching

  1. This is a fabulous idea, unfortunately does not allow any commercialism or even a charity to be mentioned on the cache listing page. If you leave coupons in the cache you would not be able to mention it in the description. A lot of cachers consider any kind of commercial promotion in a cache (i.e. brochures, coupons, business cards) to be tacky. Commercial caches have been done successfully before but Groundspeak always gets a “piece of the action” first.

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