Earning your Voice on Twitter

Social media should be a conversation, but don’t expect your voice to be heard without earning respect from your customers. Twitter has made it easier for companies to search conversations with hash tags and key words, but barging into conversations on Tweeter is not an effective method to advertise, nor does it leave a good taste in that potential customer’s mouth.

Take for example this conversation:Image

Your audience is not listening to an automated response that was obviously sent to anyone that mentioned “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” This is not an affective way to market your product nor is it how you want your brand represented. Not to mention nine times out of ten the customer will mark your post as spam.

A custom-tailored message and continuation of the initial conversation is a great way to make a customer feel like he or she is communicating to the brand. Interactions like these positively contribute to the brand equity.

Walmart recovers by affective managing this lead.


Customers will respond much more positively, and be less skeptical of your brand if an obvious advertisement is not directed toward them. 

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