Finding Tone

Integrated marketing communications is only as affective if you keep the message consistent throughout all forms of media. IMC gives consumers a clear image of what your brand stands for. One element that helps keep the message consistent is tone. A constant tone will allow consumers to make clearer associations with your brand, and help develop a relationship with your customer.

But how do you know what tone to use?

Your tone must be consistent with your message, which largely has to do with the product and target market. Along with consistency, it is essential that your tone engage your target audience. If you are not speaking your audiences “language” they will not listen.


Taco Bell understands the role social media has on its tone, and uses Twitter to express its humorous tone consistent with its commercials and other means of communication.


Brands that do not utilize or establish a tone produce messages with less appeal and direction. Although having no tone may not destroy your brand, adding tone will enhance your social media presence and message across social media channels. When compared side by side you can see the value that having tone can add to your message and ultimately the brand. 


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