Start the Conversation

The benefits that social media has on a business is profound considering the cost to create an account on most social media websites, nothing. It is one thing to have people like your brand on Facebook to get promotions, deals, and updates on a brand, but social media is much more effective when a two-way conversation is sparked.

One of the biggest benefits to social media is that it humanizes the brand, and allows individuals to interact with the brand on a more personal level. This conversation is not always easy to start online; however, using traditional means of communication in unorthodox ways a brand can generate user content. Give the people something to talk about related to your brand, and spark the conversation.


Cocoa-Cola playfully interacts with potential customers, but more importantly starts a conversation, by literally grabbing bystanders’ attention. This playful interaction will be sure to generate a smile consistent with the Cocoa-Cola brand.


The tattooed mirror is a simple way for your brand to interact with younger generations that are more inclined to use social media. Imagine your brand tattooed on some guys bicep. Talk about brand loyalty.

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