The Risk of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is defined as creative, unorthodox marketing techniques that attempt to engage consumers in a brand. I have listed a few successful examples in my previous posts, but as with any form of communication, there is an inherent risk associated with communicating anything to the general public.

Good marketers recognize and predict possible repercussions that may occur from there promotions. Cultural insensitivity, general distaste, and legality could be good indications of a potiential public relations disaster. This foresight could avoid misrepresenting your brand by associating it in a negative light. 

These brands didn’t foresee these types problems, and are martyrs for the guerrilla marketing movement. 


The Canadian tutu belly flopper above disrupted the 2004 Summer Olympic Games to promote, the online casino site, only to find myself in a Greek jail the next morning, and with thousands of disgruntled fans and athletes. 



These mistakes are even common amongst larger businesses with a much more suffocated promotional plan than jumping off the 10 meter platform in a tutu. Snapple flooded the streets of Times Square in New York after attempting to erect a 25 foot kiwi strawberry flavored popsicle to promote is new popsicle line. Unfortunately for Snapple, the record setting popsicle didn’t last long in the 82 degree heat. 




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